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Edward Badoureau, 1850-??

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: 1850
Place of Birth: Paris
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Edward Badoureau was born in Paris but was an American citizen and settled in London as a boxwood block manufacturer, according to the 1881 census. At that time he was living at 9 Churchill Road with his wife Evie, who was the same age (31) and had been born in Brussels. He was involved in the printing trade and attended The Printers' Pension Corporation's anniversary festivals at Hotel Metropole in 1891 and 1893. The Badoureau known to JW appears to have been a printer or publisher and was probably the same man.


Again, it is probably the same man who was involved in several printing firms. The firm of engravers, Badoureau et Devesne, produced the illustrations to Alfred Richet's Traite pratique medicale chirurgicale, Chamerot et Lauwereyns, Paris, 1866. A firm of Parisian printers, Badoureau et Ponsot, printed the 1877 monograph by Ernest Piron De l'efficacite de bromure de potassium dans le traitement de l'epilepsie.

Badoureau took over the firm from Ponsot (Specimen des principaux caracteres de l'imprimerie Badoureau Ponsot successeur), published from 17 rue Bouchardon, Paris in 1875.

However there was also a mining engineer and scientist and writer on philosophy, A. Badoureau, who published many books at this period.


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