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Robert Weir Allan, 1852-1942

Nationality: Scottish
Date of Birth: 1852.11.11
Place of Birth: Glasgow
Date of Death: 1942.05
Place of Death: London


Robert Weir Allan was a marine and landscape painter.


A member of the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Scottish Watercolour Society, Allan was born in Glasgow, where he executed his first works, before training in Paris under Rodolphe Julian and Alexandre Cabanel.

Allan worked outdoors, being mainly inspired by the N.E. coast of Scotland. He exhibited at the Glasgow Institute in 1873 and at the Royal Academy from 1875. Allan settled in London in 1881 but travelled widely, sketching in Holland, Belgium, France and Italy. He journeyed through India during 1891-1892 and visited Japan in 1907.

Allan is included in a list written by William Christian Symons, in January 1889, in preparation for a dinner given in Whistler's honour at the Criterion in May 1889.


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